The Dyscalculia Toolkit : Supporting Learning Difficulties in Maths

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Pub. date: 24 January, 2017

Pages: 224

Description: The new edition of the bestselling resource for maths teachers; now enhanced with a Companion Website featuring demo videos of games and activities.

Synopsis: The new edition of the bestselling Dyscalculia Toolkit continues to meet the needs of specialist and non-specialist teachers working with learners aged 6 to 14 years, who have difficulty with maths and number.Now with over 200 activities and 50 games, new and improved illustrations, and an expanded list of recommended readings, useful websites & resources, the new edition also includes exclusive access to a brand new companion website which features;- 10 videos with over 45 minutes of material demonstrating a selection of games from every section- Editable pupil tracking sheets organised by teaching point and section- Over 70 pages of downloadable and printable teaching materials including activity sheets, game boards, teaching resources & summary tables.Packed full of practical, creative and innovative ideas and strategies this is the complete toolkit to help teachers and parents support learners with dyscalculia or those struggling with mathematics.



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