Choose from our great range of hand-picked books and book collections for primary, secondary and international schools, teachers and school libraries. All of our collections can be tailored to fit your budget or any other specific requirement! We provide an exceptional service to the many schools and libraries we supply to, both nationally and internationally.

We can offer over 200 different book collections, from early reading, history and travel books, to revision material,  workbooks and test sheets for 11 Plus Exams.

We offer all you need to provide a varied range of reading and supporting material for Children, Teaching Assistants , Teachers and Parents.  Our Teaching Resources collection gives a common sense understanding of an education which answers modern needs in over one thousand schools across the UK and enable teachers to better understanding of known and lesser known behaviour and health issues and problems. ensure your classrooms are stocked with just the right books and reading material for primary and secondary schools to encourage your pupils to develop a pleasure in reading at school or at home.

Our book collections are being constantly reviewed and updated, we are regularly adding new titles and creating brand new collections. Are you looking for any specific collection which you can’t find? Let us know – we are here to help! Send us your recommendation and if your idea get’s adopted we will send you a voucher worth £50! This voucher can be used to purchase any of our collections featured on this website.

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